How to decorate a rectangular dining table

The dining tables uk rectangular are easy to decorate because we have enough space to do so. Play with the heights of the objects you place and place them in the centre of the table uk so that the decoration is balanced. A beautiful proposal can be a composition of vases of different colours and different heights.

Natural flowers are always a perfect ally to decorate a dining table. Flee from ornate compositions, simple white flowers with a glass vase is an elegant solution and discreet.

Other objects to put in the centre of the dining table uk can be…

One of the best dates of the year is getting closer and closer: Christmas. Although this year is atypical and the celebration of this holiday will be different, that does not prevent preparing the home for Christmas and creating the perfect environment to receive Christmas. Today we share some ideas so that your home is ready for the date.

Christmas decoration

Before you start decorating your home, it is important to plan what you want to do and where to place each piece. …

Have you ever ordered a sofa that looked fine in the shop, only to get it home to discover that it swamped your room? It is a very easy mistake to make: the sofa was originally seen as small, relative to the large space of the store, but when placed in the relatively smaller space of your living room it appeared proportionally bigger. Now that you have your room plan, however, you will be able to place the sofa to scale on the drawing to gauge its impact before you make your purchase.

Mistakes are also easy to make when…

Off-white and cream

The cream is the most tranquil of colours. It is fresh, soft and claiming. Walk into a cream room and you can almost feel your pulse slow and your blood pressure lower. There is nothing that will jar the eye or set the spirit on edge.

I have included off-whites here because they are the bridge between absolutely pure white and cream. They don't have the same richness as a cream but belong to the same family.

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