Decorate your dining table

How to decorate a rectangular dining table

The dining tables uk rectangular are easy to decorate because we have enough space to do so. Play with the heights of the objects you place and place them in the centre of the table uk so that the decoration is balanced. A beautiful proposal can be a composition of vases of different colours and different heights.

Natural flowers are always a perfect ally to decorate a dining table. Flee from ornate compositions, simple white flowers with a glass vase is an elegant solution and discreet.

Other objects to put in the centre of the dining table uk can be curious travel memories, decorative boxes of different shapes and sizes, a set of trays or a composition with candles.

Modern uk furniture

How to decorate a glass dining table

The dining tables uk glass are visually very light, so we must keep decorating the excess reload and remove this effect. Also, these tables provide a modern touch to the dining room, so those decorations that we place must follow the same approach or, on the contrary, create a more classic counterpoint.

Some ideas to decorate a glass dining table can be a set of sharks painted with oriental motifs, a group of vases in bold colours that create contrast.

Another good idea for this type of table can be to place a fruit bowl with pieces of attractive colours, which can be either natural or artificial.

Modern uk furniture

How to decorate a wooden dining table

The wooden dining tables uk evoke contact with rustic or colonial environments. In them, the wood’s warmth is a determining factor. Therefore, it is nothing better than playing when decorating the dining table uk, with natural elements such as flowers in vases or clay trays with small branches of shrubs.

It may also be a good idea to centre the dining table uk with platters or trays with ethnic or tribal motifs. Complete it with a matching crock for a total colonial look.

Modern uk furniture

As our mood is not the same throughout the year and varies depending on the season of the year we are, you can change the decoration of your dining table uk depending on the time of year in we are. Thus, in spring or summer, you can place elements closer to nature such as fruits or vases with wildflowers and in autumn elements that convey warmth like candles.

Special mention deserves the decoration of the dining table uk at Christmas. That festive time of year has its codes when decorating the house. Other special periods in which you can change the decoration are Halloween, Easter or Valentine’s Day. Dare to make small changes on those dates and give a dynamic character to the decoration of your dining room uk.

As you have seen, there are many options to put on the dining table uk, so only your imagination sets the limits.


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